Monday, August 23, 2010


Spinosaurus woke up,
and went to river Nile,
hoping to catch a fish
as big as a crocodile.

He walked through the water,
gazing at the swimming fish,
He studied their sizes,
for the biggest was his wish.

He chose a Mawsonia,
which was full of tasty flesh,
then prepared to attack
and obtain his dinner fresh.

A hand into the water,
creating an awesome din.
Three curved claws swished wildly,
and pierced the fish's scaly skin.

He lifted the fish out,
already killed by the blow.
He opened his long mouth,
where horrid saliva would flow.

He tossed the fish straight in,
and began his yummy feast.
None would dare steal it,
from this big dangerous beast

Tim Yap

*Mawsonia is an extinct fish

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