Monday, August 2, 2010

Picture A and B (Castles) - Stacey

Picture A:

  A small steady stream flowed gently around the castle. The water was so clear you could have seen little fishes and tadpoles swimming leisurely. Pinkish brick walls defended the castle from intruders if they were to invade into their home. Blue roof tops with small little blue flags at the tips were flying high in the sky. Trees, shrubs and other kinds of greenery crowded around the base of the castle masking its secret pathway in and out of this majestic castle. But to a certain young girl, more of a princess, had found this peaceful sanctuary in the castle as a prison. She had longed yearn for an adventure to at a bit of thrill into her lonely life. Sighing like how a problematic old women would, she peered through her window, looking down at the peaceful stream, waiting for anything interesting to happen. It was then did she caught a glimpse of a young gypsy boy loitering about the area suspiciously.

Picture B:

  Standing high and mighty on the mountain top, the castle had a mysterious air surrounding it. The old marble bridge leading to it had long been broken off, a large gaping hole was left in its place. The cliff stretched down a good long ten kilometers. A strong rushing stream was what met you at the bottom. Zig-zagged rocky paths led you to the castle. Five tall pillars built a defensive ring against the outside world as if protecting a secret inside. Once bleached white walls were now smudged with soot and moss creeping at the bottom. Small battered blue flags could be seen on the castle’s roof. Purple at the bottom, orange, yellow, green and lastly blue filled the sky. Clouds circled the castle but not above it. Damian was standing at the other end of the bridge, looking up at the castle ruin. His mother had been held captive in that castle.

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