Sunday, August 1, 2010

Castle Settings

Picture A
From the woods, I looked at the castle. The castle was enormous! The outer wall was built using grey bricks and at the top of each tower, stood a blue cone with the pointed part touching the dark, cloudy sky. The sky looked dark and gloomy. The winds were blowing strong against the castle. It was as if the entire cloud was going to drop onto the earth. The inner part of the castle was a smooth white. In the middle of the castle, a large tower with a golden cone overlooked the area around the castle. It was the highest point of the castle. The land around the castle was teeming with life. Everywhere a person looks, lush green scenery could be seen.  Trees, bushes could be seen every where. A clear river runs through the castle. It was made dark due to the fact that the sky was also dark. I always envied the people living in the castle. Some day, I am going to live in that castle.

Picture B
From afar, the castle looked beautiful. It was glowing with the colour white, with the sun right behind it. The surroundings of the castle was filled with hills and rocks. In front of me, the winding path led to the majestic castle. It was a long path that went up a hill, towards the castle on the top of the hill. The journey to the castle was tough. The event that is going to happen in the castle will be even tougher. It was obvious the King did not want outsiders in. The path was filled with trenches and broken bridges with teeming hot lava below. The sky was a beautiful orange, sun slowly rose from the horizon. I could hear the birds singing a merry song. It was a peaceful day. It was a perfect day to end the suffering that my people have faced during the past decade.

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