Thursday, August 12, 2010

Activity 2 - home(EL)learning, See To Yu Xiang

The focus of the image is the young man in the centre, wearing a white singlet with a green towel wrapped around his waist, straining to walk forward, pulling along a rickshaw with two boys seated on top of a gigantic rattan basket, and they themselves carrying another gigantic rattan basket. I know that they are the focus of the image as the people in the surroundings were all going in the other direction, and none of them seems to take any notice of the man pulling the rickshaw. 
The setting is in an Indian city, as the signs on top of the shops are printed in Indian words, and the people in the picture are Indian. I think it has just rained as the streets are wet, and also muddy. 
The story that I think would lie behind the image is the man pulling the rickshaw in the picture, must work extremely hard for long hours, and get little money to support his family. He might be the sole breadwinner of his family, and his whole family rely on him, thats why he is working so hard.
In my opinion, the message that the photographer is trying to convey through the image is, we should show some sympathy for people living in poorer third world countries. They do not lead an easy life there, and must work very hard in order to make a living. What they earn is also very little, as the man in the picture isn’t even wearing shoes. So I presume that he doesn’t have the money to buy shoes.
I do not in particular dislike anything about the image. I think what I would have done differently if I were the photographer, would be, getting a closer shot of the man’s face. To show the audience that he is straining very hard, so as to get my message deeper into the audience’s minds. 

Sorry for the late submission of work (by 45 minutes), I had problems trying to upload the video. =D

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