Monday, August 2, 2010

Castle descriptions

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The castle is huge and spectacular. It surrounded by a low wall and next to it, a lake. The castle is tall and the towers are tall. Most have blue tiled roofs and there are spires reaching up to the sky from each one. The castle is built more for beauty than to defend against invaders as there a very few battlements. As I walked into the castle, I saw that the walls of the castle were white and are quite clean. The rooms in the castle were airy and bright as there are many windows.The castle, which is made from wood and stone, has been a part of Disneyland since it opened back in 1955. The tallest turret of the castle stands 77 feet over the moat surrounding it, making the castle almost half the size of Matterhorn Mountain to the east.We are Near the center of Disneyland, at the end of Main Street, where sits Sleeping Beauty Castle. For nearly 50 years it has sat quietly as millions of visitors passed beneath the archway into Fantasyland. Disneyland, and in fact the entire world, has changed much since the castle first appeared in an orange grove in Anaheim

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The castle is huge, menacing and imperious. The castle is situated on a plateau. Anyone in the castle would be able to see if any guests were coming, especially if they are uninvited. The castle is flanked by two mountains. There is a broken bridge over an abyss that leads up a winding path to the castle. On the other side of the castle, there is a wide plain. No one will be able to sneak into the castle without being seen unless they are invisible. This castle is well placed to repel any invaders. Something bad must have happened to the occupants of the castle as there is no living creature in sight.

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