Thursday, August 12, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (109: 12 Benjamin Fheng)

The focus of this image is about the old man pulling a cart. It is eye catching as an old man would be doing such a laborious job. 
There is the old man which is pulling a cart with two passengers on it. The setting is on a busy road out somewhere in india which I am guessing as the two passengers look indian.
The story is that this old man whose family is very poor and had to resort to doing a laborious job with very little pay. The picture shows that the man seems to be skinny and not well dressed which may mean he may be poor and pulling a cart is no easy job.
I think the photographer is trying to tell people to treasure what you have and not look down on these people.
I like the image as it tells us that people would work very hard to earn money to support their families.

P.S I'm sorry for the late submission as my internet modem had a problem and had to be sent for repair.

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