Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oral reading: davina

This picture depicts a scene of the side of the road in India. The main focus of this picture is most probably the rickshaw puller. There are many yellow taxi trying to drive through the narrow lanes of the roads. A man on the motorbike is driving by the side of the road where the rickshaw puller is.
As it is in the morning, many would be working. The background shows many people walking to their most probably to their work place.
There is a middle aged man who is pulling the rickshaw, on the rickshaw are two young boys and two baskets. I think the two young boys are the man’s children. The man is probably bringing them to school while carrying along goods that he will sell during the time that his children goes to school.
Through the photograph, I think the photographer is trying to show that the amount sacrifices that a parent can give to see that their children is cared for and is not suffering is an indescribable amount. In return, we as their children should take care of them. Seeing that they do not suffer and are cared for.
The photo is rather cluttered with the yellow taxi and motorist taking up more than half the space . Well, the photographer could zoom in closer to the rickshaw. We can then see the expression on the man and children’s face.

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