Thursday, August 12, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-09: 16 Lee Si Yuan)

Picture 2c:

This picture depicts a scene of a family of 6 under a shelter in India. They seem to be having a conversation together. There are 2 topless boy, 1 on the hanging chair, and  the other one sitting on the floor. They are all talking to each other except for 2 of the family member. I presume that they are sleeping. I believe that the main focus of the picture is the 4 people chatting with each other as they are pictured in the centre of the picture. This picture is most probably telling us that there are some people in India that are very rich and also a handful of them who are extremely poor. This picture is showing you the one of the poorest places in India as the surrounding seems to be very rural. I like this picture because it gives me a very clear description of the entire picture. If I was the photographer, I will not zoom in so much, so that I will have a clearer view of what is like in the surrounding.

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  1. *referring to oral rubrics* Si Yuan, you have attained Band 2 for Pronunciation and Articulation, Band 2 for Reading and Fluency and Band 2 for Expressiveness. If you could, you should try to be more fluent in your reading.