Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jonan's intro

Castle A

Grey clouds loomed over the medium sized castle, whose tall gothic spires towered from its already imposing towers and battlements. A single drawbridge covered an iron gate, barring entry of outsiders and exit of those within. Tall evergreens grew in the mighty forest surrounding the castle. If it could be seen from the sky, it would have looked like a tiny island of white surrounded by a sea of green forest, with a winding path of blue waters leading away from it. Thought the spires of the castle were colored a light shade of blue, the tallest spire was coated in a thin layer of the purest gold, and if you could have seen it up close, inscribed with runic writing. The walls of the castle revealed the location of the bricks used to build it, for all were not the same color, and some stood out more than others, some shades of grey, others a polished cream.

Castle B

The north wind blew away the cloud of dust shrouding the structure and revealed it to the eyes of our hero. It was an imposing sight, towering over the land from the top of the hill. Flags billowed in the wind from each of the five spires mounted on its mighty walls. Its walls were white-washed, and almost glowing in the light of the setting sun. A single winding path exposed friend and foe alike to the hidden defenses of the fortress, and its surface was covered with crimson stains. Surrounding the entire castle was a deep and wide ravine, crossed by a tiny stone bridge whose ends lay hanging off the side of the sheer walls, and whose middle was missing, presumably gone in the ravine. Its stone blocks were weathered from decades of exposure of the elements, and tiny cracks could be seen in it. Suddenly screams rang out from within, and our hero rushes to find a way

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