Sunday, August 1, 2010

Description for castles - Johanan

Castle on top of Hill
The gloomy castle soared high on the hill. There was a rumour that a evil witch inhabited in there. No one was seen going in or going out. The castle was placed on a muddy hill which was almost impossible to climb, the hill was engraved with dusty old rocks which were filled with all kind of mysterious creatures. The clouds which hung miserably over the castle was filled with sadness and was a pitch black in colour. The sky looked as if a storm was about to brew. The path leading to the castle was covered with dust and there was a cloud of smoke that lingered along the path. The path led to a bridge that looked like it had been hammered apart with brute force. One wrong move and you will be found yourself screaming and falling to your death a hundred feet down. It was a cold place to live in where people shrivel at the sound of this forbidding castle.

Beautiful Castle
This violet castle stood high and magnificent on the stony walls. Dark clouds floated heavily across the sky. The castle soared high in the air , towering over all oak trees surrounding its peak. A flag swayed from side to side as the leaves rustled in the breeze. There was a clear moat surrounding the beautiful castle. The moat was filled will schools of colourful fishes. The castle was a magnificent sight. The bricks were in different shades of brown , grey and white. Light blue tinted paint poured on the submit on every tip of the castle. Making it the feel very relax and very calming. There was a sandy coloured flight of stairs heading to the castle with golden plated fences. It was a very happy place.

A snow princess lived in this very castle. She was a very cheerful person who always had a smile on her face, she had a bundle of white hair and had a crystal necklace hung around her neck since she was young.

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