Monday, August 2, 2010

Castle Description ( Picture A and B )

Picture A

It was the 18th century. The castle was made with bricks and wooden branches. The dark and gloomy clouds looks so close to the castle, it seems that anyone who jumps on the castle would be able to touch the sky. The castle was painted in a dull and saddening grey colour. The river which flows out from the castle looks as if it has been there only since the 19th century, as it has a total different feel of the fact that it was built during the 18th century. The statuesque looking castle had been standing in Japan for the past century with thousands and millions of tourist bypassing this astonishing castle. This castle is now the grand entrance to none other then the Disneyland in Japan, where heaps of people goes in and out, to enjoy their day at the sensational Disneyland !!!

Picture B

It was a damaging night. The thundering storm yesterday destroyed the pathway to the frightening and terrifying castle at the top of the hill. The sunrise shone from the bottom of the castle to the top of the castle. The shadow of the castle stretched out towards the path and through the villages. The landscape of the view from the castle was just terrible! Just what did mother nature done to let me deserve such a horrible view? The castle was standing 5000 feet above sea level, allowing the entire village to be left in darkness. The horrid look on every villagers face could tell you that their dull village is full of sadness, it is the most saddening village in the world.

Done By: Lee Si Yuan

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