Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home E-Learning- Lee YuChong (17)

Picture 2a)
This picture depicts a scene at the road. The road is lined with many yellow taxis and many shophouses are lined along the sides of the road. The road looks very narrow. There is a man on a motorcycle that looks like he is trying to cut ahead of the taxis. I believe that a jam is happening at that moment. I believe that the main focus of the picture is the man that is pulling a cart at the right hand side of the picture as it seems like it is the only interesting thing in this picture. 2 boys are sitting on the cart and with them, there are 2 large baskets. One basket is covered with a blue cloth and the other is covered with a grey cloth. The man is wearing a white singlet and a green cloth is wrapped around his waist. A red and green cloth is slung over his shoulder. He looks like he is exerting a lot of effort pulling the cart. I think that the people riding on the cart has many heavy things to carry. Thus, they are taking the cart back home. However, they are not rich enough to hire a taxi. That is why they are taking the cart. I think that the photographer is trying to tell us that there are people rich enough to ride taxis as that must have been the reason there are so many taxis on the road, and there are still people that must work so hard for even lesser money. I think that the overall message is that many countries have very rich and very poor people. This image is showing too many things and it becomes very distracting. I would have concentrated on the main focus if I were the photographer. 

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  1. Hi, your pronunciation and your rhythm is very good. Your expressiveness is not so good though but overall, its a very good job :)

    Si Yuan