Friday, September 10, 2010

Tourism in Singapore--poem

The sunny island of Singapore
Greets its special visitors with smiles
And with special treatment like a star
As they see some of the sightseeing spots
Like Sentosa, the Singapore River and the Singapore Zoo 

At every spot is a special time to see and explore
Since learning about Singapore is simulating 
Even its signature food has a special history
Singapore invites them to savor its scrumptious food and drinks
Such as Rojak, Satay and its Singapore Sling

Everywhere, snaps of photos are being shot
As souvenirs to their special people
When they set off back to their own country
Sunny faces will show, songs of praises are passed around
Such as Singapore's service is simply the best

After a hard day's service, Singapore feels proud to be a star model
And strives to surpass herself

By: Cherin Tan
-Written during the June holidays