Sunday, August 22, 2010

"End Of The World" Poem (Preston)

This is a poem that I have written during the June holidays. I hope that you will enjoy it.

End Of The World
The last leaves fall from black charred trees,
Animals run from flaming forests,
Fishes dive away from evaporating water,
And humans hide from the blazing Sun.

The Earth is now like an egg on a frying pan,
Sizzle, splash, hiss,
As the egg is slowly cooked,
With hot fire and oil.

Humans scramble all over the Earth,
Trying to stop the unstoppable monster,
But it keeps moving on,
Full of anger and rage.

As I watch the Earth engulf in flames,
I thought,
Why her, why not me,
And looked at her hurtful face.

I saw humans,
Running and dashing around,
Like ants on a hot plate,
Trying to escape the horror,
But it was all too late…

Preston Ngoui
Class 1-09

1 comment:

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