Thursday, August 12, 2010

omELearning Activity 2 (S1-09: 19 Niklaus Teo)

This picture depict the scene of a family of six sitting in a irregular circle in a shelter having a happy conversation. There are two half naked boys. One is about the age of 12 while the other is still a young toddler and between them are another 2 children who are sleeping. The father of the family is not present, perhaps he could be working to support the family. Finally, there is a middle aged lady who I think is the mother of the children and beside her is a teenage.
I presume the main focus of the picture is the happy conversation that the family is having. They may not be very wealthy but they can still can be happy and be together happily. I know this by the fact that they are not dressed very well and also they do not have a proper house.
Through the photograph, I think that the photographer is trying to convey that people do not necessary have to be rich to be happy.
Reading through the lines, I assume that in their country, there is a very huge gap between the richs and the poor, which means that there are a handful of very rich people, but there are a lot of poorer family. The picture is depicting one of the poorer family in their country, probably living in a rural area.
What I like about the picture is that it gives me a very good view of the life of the family. If I am the photographer I would take a wider view of the photo to show the surrounds of the place more clearly.

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  1. For the pronunciation, it was very clear and I could hear every word very clearly (Band 1)
    For the rhythm and fluency, it was generally good with fluent reading. (Band 2)
    For the expressiveness, I feel that maybe you could put in extra effort for expressiveness in the passage. (Band 2)
    Overall, I think you deserve a Band 1. Good job! Keep up the good work!