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Benjamin and YuChong

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Johanan And Seeto Comic

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Michelle & Stacey Comic Strip

- A conversation between future (when you are older) and present self (your present age)

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Rayner and Niklaus

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The willow tree and the forest

The lake was orange red from the light of the dying, setting sun.It looked like an extremely serene and peaceful place. The only eery thing in the scene was the dead willow tree. Many people do not go near the place because people who live there says that at a certain time of the day, one can see a ghost near the tree. Me and my friends have decided to stay near the tree for some time to see if the rumor is true.

My friends and I walked along a stone track in the forest. The day before it was raining heavily. The air was humid and hot and puddles of water can be found on the stone track. We saw a dead tree which has toppled on the soil.

Describing Setting --> Rainforest (Jia Le)

The saying goes, “Every life has and end to it”.
However, there’s another saying, “Every end is a beginning of something”.
Walking pass the humongous rainforest, I stopped by to observe the fallen tree. It had all the looks of one; feeble branches, yellow leaves and many more. Amazingly, young sprouts grew from the thick bark. Amazing, but true.

~Jia Le

Describing setting:(Forest) Naveena

This part of the forest looked bright and cheerful. Light streamed through the leaves of tall trees and the floor was covered in dried leaves. Different scents wafted around, the sweet smell of flowers and the musky odour of dirt and mud. There were a few large boulders, slightly covered in mud and fallen leaves. The place was quiet and peaceful.

Describing Setting -> Willow Tree

The willow tree was swaying with the calm wind and the sun slowly setted down the snowy white mountain leaving an orange-yellow reflection on the lake. The lake was so clear that you could almost see what was beneath the top surface of the lake. It was then when my journey started.

Si Yuan

Describing setting: Fallen Tree (Stacey)

The trunk of the ancient tree could not hold onto its massive weight any longer. The wood splintered close to its root. Young shoots sprouted from the fallen tree. A canopy of leaves of the rainforest hid the fallen tree from above. Small rays of bright sunlight managed to escape the dense forest.

Describing Setting (2)

"Creek, creek, creek..." The forest was timing with wildlife and plantations. It was as if the forest was a live human, breathing in the harmful gas and breathing out what is most vital to all living things. Noises of insects can be heard over a mile from the forest. The forest was a heaven to the animals, but not the trees living in there. Almost every week you can hear a tree crashing onto the damp forest ground, all thanks to the loud roaring weapon of the lumberjacks.


Description setting 2- A rainforest

Bright sunlight shone on the rainforest, though the leaves of its trees, showing a canopy of green along the surrounding area. Insects and birds were chipping. In the middle of all, stood a tree, once majestically tall, now fallen onto the muddy soil. Its branches and trunk were broken, its flowers and leaves were missing.


Describing setting : Picture 2

Sunlight streamed through the forest canopy, but the forest floor was only sparsely illuminated. Where there were no big trees, light streamed down to the undergrowth. A boulder was jutting out of the forest floor. It was covered with moss and a few little saplings. Beside the boulder was a young tree, its roots clinging on the tree and its trunk jutting out to the side. It looked as if it had become too big to stay on the boulder and had been uprooted by its own weight. Beside it lay piles of decaying leaves, homes for innumerable little critters.


See To Yu Xiang's intro. 2

The hot, afternoon sun rays was filtered through the leaves of the treetops. Birds were whistling merrily, and crickets were chirping contentedly. All was well except for the disturbing scene that stood in front of me. Where a once proud, green and tall tree stood, in its place now was a fallen, wet, crooked tree full of moss growing on it. This was the work of the humans, whom had infiltrated the forest, chopping down trees without giving a second’s thought, to clear land for their own, selfish usage.

Describing Forest Setting by Hardy Shein Nyein Chan

The storm of the previous night had passed. Leaving his victims fallen in his wake. A fallen tree, once proud and strong and standing, was now reduced to no more then a mere stump and its trunk lying at its side. Pieces of bark and leaves lay strewn on the forest floor. An unfortunate fern had been crushed under the tree's heavy weight. The mighty tree had been strangled by the winds of the storm and despite its strength, it had met its match and fell. Creatures that used to call it home now whimpered. They would have to find a new home and start a new.

Describing Setting Fallen Tree - Michelle Dapito

Canopy of leaves rose high up, allowing limited amount of sunlight to enter the rainforest. Fallen trees and branches, thick and thin, surrounded the area, making it impossible to access the place. The rainforest was a catastrophe.


Lush green leaves on trunks of varying brown, two stones on the ground, a old, dead tree fallen between. The stones were a paradise for creeping plants and small animals. Sunlight shined on one side of the forest, reflecting its beauty. The other, a raven-black, reflecting its cruel, merciless nature when night falls.

Description settings

“Ahhh! The beautiful sunset.” The sky glowed with a hue of amber, casting a fiery glow on orange on the vast ocean. As the sun set behind the mountains, the skeleton like tree cast a wicked shadow on where I was lying on, knowing that it would soon be no more. I enjoyed every moment of the sunset. What a breathtaking scene it was. 

The sky was covered with a thick colour of green and brown. The sun shone brightly on the forest floor. There were fallen branches and leaves all around the forest floor, the biggest of them all was the trunk, fallen due to the heavy rain over the past few days. The poor roots must have had not enough soil to cling us as the soil was slowly being washed away. There were already many other species growing on it such as the fungi. It seemed like a ghastly sight.

Descriptive Setting 2

The sun shone, and the bright light got dispersed through the treetops. The light splashed on various places not covered by the dense foliage. One clearing allowed in a great amount of fresh sunlight. The light focused on a thick broken tree trunk. It was not a very unusual sight in the rainforest. But what caused its downfall was beyond one’s imagination.

Tim Yap

Forest description setting

The morning sun filtered through the many layers of leaves. The sky was clear a very good day to walk around. The trees stood tall as sounds of insects could be heard. The birds flew high above as the many animals came out to play. A tree had fallen and bridged across to the other end of the track.

Describing Setting - Johanan ( Fallen Tree )

The thick canopy of the forest allowed little sunlight to be filtered through. As I walked through the clam forrest, silently listening to the birds chirping. The fresh and crisp leaves were rustling in the breeze, the magnificent forest was teeming with life. A large tree toppled over and was in the tracks. The watery mud was trickling down the small pathway that edged down through the lush forest. As I trudged down the tarred steps which engraved the shaped of leaves and dead insects, twigs snapped bearing down my weight.

Describe setting - Rainforest - Choi Min Suk

The sun shined above the rainforest, trying hard to avoid its obstacles, which were the tree, and reach the ground. Some trees had fallen due to a mudslide, staying motionless on the walkway, preventing people from passing trough.

See To Yu Xiang's intro. 1

The rays from the gradually sinking sun was filling the evening sky with crimson. It was so beautiful and majestic, the lake was also a hue of gold. It was so peaceful, just sitting by the river bank and looking at the sunset.

Describing Setting (2)

The strong sunlight was beaming down to the Earth, shimmering through the leaves of the branches high above. The forest was teeming with life, and everywhere a person looks, only green plants could be seen. A tree could even grow as well as its relatives on the soil even though it is growing on a rock. I could hear crickets and birds in the background chirping away merrily all around me.

Description setting-sunrise

The sun’s amber rays broke through the dark, night sky, making the waters of the lake sparkle like the stars. A willow tree stood beside the lake, with amber light being shone on it. Birds chipped as the magnificent sun rose up. It was dawn.


Describing Setting - Sun - Choi Min Suk

The smooth river glowed orange from the setting sun’s rays. The tree at the riverbank was leafless. Its spiky branches resembled willow, ready for its first victim. The scenery was remarkable. This was the scenery of dusk.

Describing setting:(sunset) Naveena

The sun was setting, the last of it’s brilliant rays were disappearing behind massive hills. Grey clouds dotted the sky as the sky darkened. The sun’s rays reflected off the large lake, making the lake glitter like diamonds. A lone tree stood in front of the lake, it’s branches thin with barely a leaf on any of them.

Describing setting(Niklaus)

The sound of chirping was evident as i stood in the middle of the thick canopy of the forest that filter little sunlight into the ground of the forest. The mud under my feet was slowly sinking me down and all that filled my sight was a enormous tree 100 year old tree that has fallen and thus making it a perfect house for many hundreds of tiny creepy insects and creatures. A sniff of my nose shoves freshly photosynthesized air into my hairy nose.

Description Setting- Jun Hong

1.Orange clouds floated through the sky. The yellow sun slowly melted down the lake’s horizon. A vast lake in front of us surrounded by beautiful mountains. An ancient willow is where we sat by the lakeside. Birds and crickets chirping. All sorts of animals doing their business. This may seem like a great day for us together but it may be our last. Things are not what they seemed. Countries are at war. Scotland was about to be invaded by the Chinese, next morning. We are evacuating from the countryside to the city.

2.We are at the Amazon Forest, going on an excursion to discover it, or what it is left of it. You may think that it is easy hiking through that forest. It's not. We have many matters of things obstructing us. The worst was the Fallen Tree. It was so large that we can't go around or over it. We have to use the chainsaw to saw through it. Branches blocking our way, roots tripping us every ten steps. The canopy of the forest was so high that you can hardly see the leaves at the top of the canopy. Bugs biting, leeches sucking our blood. It was unbearable.

Describing Setting->Forest (Victor)

The gigantic towering tree stood their ground, fighting with the sunlight in a losing battle. The forest abandoned a fallen tree, weeping on the ground, as the battle continued. The scorching sun reigned the area and stood above all. Each of the leaves wielding themselves as a shield. The fresh air stood by as the onslaught continued.

-Victor Class 109

Describing setting2

Picture 2:

When I opened my eyes, I immediately saw the green atmosphere lit up by the bright sunlight, The sounds of birds churping echoed all around. The silent forest seemed as quite as ever. I slowly made my way to the shall cavern that was hidden behind a big boulder.

Describing Setting (1)

The vast open lake was lighted to an orange colour by the vibrant, golden sky. A bright orange orb was visible on the horizon. Silhouettes of the hills by the lake could be seen. The entire area around the lake was quiet and peaceful. Everything was silent and peaceful. It was a beautiful place to be to just think about everything peacefully.


Dusk dawned on the lake, turning the water skin bronze. On the banks of the lake, a withered willow stood. Though its life is almost at an end, it stood proud on the banks. The sky behind it was a blinding orange, centering behind the willow. Mountains on the horizon, a magnificently colored lake, a old but proud willow.
A beautiful sight, a beautiful sight indeed.

Describing Setting->Sunset (Victor)

The reddish ember sky glowed in the distance giving the lovely warm feeling. The sunset covered the entire landscape as far as you could see, even the calm peaceful water mimicked the glory of the scene. A maple tree stood firm, jealously admiring its vision, loosing its leaves as the time passed.

-Victor, Class 109

Describing setting: Willow tree (Stacey)

The sun slowly crept down behind the mountains and a red, orangey hue spread over the sky. The old willow tree swayed in the cool evening breeze by the lake. The lake reflected the colour off the sky, making it look like it was glowing. The landscape was perfect for a photographer or painter to capture.

Describing Setting Willow Tree- Michelle Dapito

It was sunset. The sun started to set beyond the horizon. The originally brown bark and the green leaves of the willow tree started to become ember-coloured. It looked like a burning tree from afar. The hot breeze made the willow sway side to side, making it look unstable. The disturbing sounds of ruffling leaves started to break the tranquility of the awkward silence.

Describing setting: Picture 1

1st picture:

Twilight fell, and the glowing sun cast a final shimmer upon the lake. The sky reflected right off the clear water, and an orange hue filled the sky. By the side of the lake was an old tree, old enough to have seen many such sunsets. Its branches were bare and gnarled, and little patches of bark lay beside its roots. As the sun hid behind the hills beside the valley, the place became dark.


Describing Setting (1)

It was a cool, breezy evening at Lakeside. The soft, cool wind was blowing against Adam’s cheery-red cheeks. The fishes in the lake were darting from one side of the lake to the other, chasing after each other. The sun cast a beautiful yellow and orange across the heavens and a bright semi-circle on the hilltops. Adam was dangling upside-down on a half-dead tree, admiring the sunset as it slowly disappeared into the hills, replaced by a snow-white, rocky moon.


Describing Setting by Hardy Shein Nyein Chan

Dawn had arrived. The golden-coloured lake shimmered as the orange morning Sun lit the valley as a new day began. A lone willow stood tall at the edge of the bank. It branches stretched out to greet the morning light, crippled like a witch's fingers. A little owl flew in to hole embedded in the tree's bark. Its hunt had ended. As it went to sleep, other creatures came out to play.

Describing Setting --> Sunset (Jia Le)

As the snowy owls with rounded heads and yellow eyes hooted monotonously, the sun gradually crept beneath the ever-glowing lake. An unusually ember hue hovered above the peaceful mountains, creating a beautiful landscape that portrays an old but firm maple tree, losing its leaves as time flew by.

~Jia Le

Description Setting

As the sun began to set, the cloudless sky turned a pretty gold colour and the mountains in the far horizon darkened, giving great contrast. The surface of the lake was very smooth and calm, displaying no choppy waves. At the bank stood a withered tree, just an ordinary part of nature. But the large lump hanging near its base indicated something totally different.

Describing setting

It was dawn the amber light shone and reflected from the far stretched lake. The sun was going down behind the rows of mountains as time passes by. The willow tree stood there about to sleep as the branches hung low. It was time for the diurnal animals to sleep, and the nocturnal animals to arise.

Describing Setting - Johanan ( Old Tree )

As I was gawking at the mahogany colour sun inching towards the sky, i slouched against the sone wall watching the birds chipping in the breeze. Leaves swayed off the lifeless withered old tree. Crimson and gold sunlight spilt over the magnificent lake nearby.

Describing Setting

1st Picture:

The Sun slowly setted down the distant mountains, lilting the sky a bright orange-yellow. The lake, reflecting the colour of the sky. I watched silently beside the tree. That very tree that started it all.

Describing setting(Niklaus)

There i was standing on a pile of cold dead yellow leaves on the edge of the tranquil yet motionless lake. The bright focused light was aiming directly at me as if i was a target and it cast a shadow that was about 4 metres behind me. The skies around me turned to a bright yellow as the big round sun descended upon the mountains. The big tree in front of me that once stood with a huge amount of green leaves is now a naked and cold piece of wood.

Describing Setting -> Fallen Tree

When I lift my eyes opened, all I saw was green leaves and the bright sunlight blinded my eyes. The sound of chirping birds echoed through the forest and I made my way out of the lonely forest, trying to find my lost parents..

Si Yuan

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood, Story Twist by See To Yu Xiang

It was an extremely serene and peaceful day. Warm sunlight was filtered through the treetops, falling in spots on the ground. Humongous clouds were floating slowly in the azure sky. Birds were chirping merrily on treetops! It was the perfect day!

“Bang!” A shot rang in the air, breaking the tranquility of the calm silence.
The Red Cap, the famous war veteran, was practicing her sniping skills on a poor tree trunk already riddled with bullets. She was peering into the scope, about to fire her twentieth bullet, when her mother shouted from the kitchen. “Staff Sergeant Red! Please deliver this basket of cupcakes, with deadly nightshade (Atropa Belladonna, a kind of deadly poison) fillings, to your Lieutenant General Grandma!”
“Yes sir!” The Red Cap replied almost immediately.
The Red Cap quickly took the basket of freshly-baked cupcakes, a few grenades, two shotguns and a rocket-launcher for self protection, and merrily set off for grandma’s house…...

Little Red Riding Hood - Jonan's intro

Little Red Riding Hood was walking to her grandmother’s house, happily skipping through the dark forest. On the path to her grandmother’s house, she saw long snaking wires in a small ditch. She continued skipping along the path, when suddenly she started to see some wolf footprints, in the direction she was heading. Suddenly, she heard a loud BZZAP! Little Red Riding Hood picked up speed and started to run to her grandmother’s house.

Gwendolyn's intro

In this cottage, in this forest, lived this little girl. She always wears a red cloak with a hood that her grandmother, who lived deeper in the forest, made for her. Because of this, people started calling her Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red for short. Now, Little Red’s mother handed her a basket and told her, “Bring this to your grandmother. She has fallen ill so this might help her recover. And remember, don’t stray from the path and don’t talk to strangers.” Little Red took the basket with an enthusiastic ‘Ok’.

She walked along the well-worn path through the forest, humming happily to herself. Little does she know that she was being watched. From behind a tree, a hungry wolf looked on.

“If I could catch her, my empty stomach will be filled for at least a week.” He slowly followed her. Little Red walked happily, totally unaware of the wolf. She came across a river and thought, “Well, I feeling thirsty. A short drink wouldn’t hurt.” She sat the basket down, squat down, cupped her hands and began to drink. Behind her, the wolf took this opportunity and pounced...

Red Riding Hood - Intro

“Lalalalaaalaa” Little red riding hood skipped along merrily as she hummed her favorite tune. The leaves of the magnificent forest swayed in the breeze. Nothing in the familiar silence hinted at the bizarre event that was about to take place.

Little red ridding hood (Intro)

“Skippity-skippity-skip…” a little girl who wore a red hood nicknamed “Little Red Riding Hood” hopped her way through the forest with a basket full of foods such as delicious cheesecakes and mouth-watering banana pudding for her sick,sick grandmother. On her way she met a wolf, a huge one. At first, she was terrified. For some reason, the wolf managed to carry on a conversation that was a little something like this: "How do you do Mr. Wolf?" She said. "I’m doing just fine. Where are you going today?" the wolf asked curiously. "I’m going to visit my grandmother as she is very sick.” replied the little red riding hood. However, she knew what the wolf’s motive was and immediately fished for her iPhone and rang her grandmother to inform her. “Now, it will be wolf stew…” thought the little red riding hood.
~Jia Le

Little Red Riding Hood (altered)

From the narrater’s point

The true story of Little Red Riding Hood is not as many think it is. The end of the story did not end with a “happily ever after”, more like a “happily never after”.Firstly, there was no hunter and the wolf actually ate the grandmother and the parents too but let me start from the very beginning. I still remember that Little Red Riding Hood is a little girl who always wear a red riding hood wherever she goes and whatever she does. She is a very sweet person with a smile that could melt ones heart. The only problem is that she is slightly unstable in the mind and this surfaced soon after the wolf ate her grandma and her parents…

Christopher John

A Little Red Riding Hood - Stacey

  A slight mist shrouded Grandma’s house in the woods. Hiding it from sight of any passerby. The roof was tilted to an angle, morning glory crept up the small frame of the house. Grandma was an introvert, making her look like an unsociable old woman, but she was exceptionally happy that day as her only granddaughter was coming to visit her. She bustled around the house to tidy up while whistling a tune. Unknown to her, a furry creature with an empty stomach was prowling around her house...

Little Red Riding hood(altered version)

I looked at my hands, holding the bars that kept me locked in. How could the judge be so bias to that little girl? I will get my revenge one day. I will get my justice! But first, let me tell you the story of what happened, the real story that will let everyone know the truth and never trust that Little Red Riding Hood again!

LIttle Red Riding Hood Introduction - Michelle Dapito

“Little Red Riding Hood, be sure to be home before midnight!” Mom yelled across the street. I rolled my eyes at her and immediately swaggered away. On the way to Grandma’s house, I remembered that today my favourite band, CN Blue, came to Singapore and was going to perform their showcase at 5pm today! I rummaged through my haversack, finding my hot pink watch. It was only 2pm, so I decided to head towards my friend’s, Michelle, house instead and we can go to Somerset 313 together to watch the showcase! However, I was not aware of what was happening in my Grandma’s house while I was enjoying with my friends..

Little Red Riding Hood by Hardy

Grumble...Grumble...” went Little Red Riding Hood as she treaded over the ground with range-gold leaves strewn all over the autumn forest floor. 
“Grandmother just had to be fall ill on this day…”
“I should be on my way to Little White Riding Hood party by now…*curses*”
Little Red Riding Hood had to run errands for her Grandmother because of her sick state. Little Red Riding Hood was not pleased with her task….
Still  think she is the sweet girl from the story you heard at first?

Benjamin's introduction

“Mmmmm!” Just thinking about it makes my stomach growl like me. How I wish I could catch that juicy turkey in my imagination and feast on it! “I am hungry! I shall go out and find something for me to eat!” I prowled around the forest in search of a prey. Mt search was unsuccessful until I heard a sound.“Lalalalala!” I traced the source of the noise and found out the sound was made by a girl in a colourful hood. She was picking apples! What a great opportunity for me. I immediately jumped out of my hiding spot and pounced for my prey.

Victor's "Red Riding Hood Intro."

“BRRRRRR…” They shouted together as Spain scored a goal.

Little Red Riding Hood was up early again and went to grand mother’s house to watch FIFA World Cup together. It was the finals between Spain and Holland. “Man! This guys are lucky to have a television,” Wolfy mumbled as he peeped through the window to watch the match go on. Grand mother stuff honey coated caramel popcorns into her dentures and chewed it ravenously. Wolfy knocked on the door hoping he could enter to watch the match together, but he was rudely rejected. Vengeance brewed in his mind, he had to go in.

By Victor

Niklaus' Introduction

Red Riding Hood - Introduction
“Mum, can I go to Grandma’s house today?” plead Little Red Riding Hood. Her mother replied,”No way you are going to that old hag house!” Little Red Riding Hood frowned with her hood over her head. In her mind, she secretly thought,” I am going to Grandma’s house no matter what it takes, I want to make be a good Granddaughter to be able to inherit all her money!" Soon, her mother left the house and Little Red Riding Hood started to plan what to bring to her Grandma' house.

L.R.R.H. intro

Little Red Riding Hood alter-intro(description)

Little Red Riding Hood strolled out of her remote house in the dense woodlands. She wore her scarlet red hood as usual, mainly to hide her messy brown hair and visible dandruff. She carried a heavy, woven basket filled with what looked like delicious goodies to her distant grandmother who was addicted to sweet foods. The goodies concealed bitter herbs that were thought to be able to cure her of severe Type 1 diabetes. Little Red Riding Hood hoped that the candy-like form would convince her to take the so-called medicine. She had no idea about the final fate of the pseudo-treats.

(106 words)

Tim Yap

Jun Hong's Introduction

“lalalalala...” Little red riding hood (Little red)sang through the forest path, swinging a basket of cookies for Grandma. Then a rabbit hopped past her. “Hey! Hey! Rabbit! Waz…...zup…...!” The rabbit hopped away, frightened. She broke down crying as the rabbit rejected her while she was trying to greet it. She suddenly felt someone spying on her from behind. She turned. The rabbit. “Wazzup!” the rabbit greeted back, losing the fear of Little red. “Where are you going?” “Rabbits could talk?” “Ya!” “I am going to Grandma’s house!” “Beware!” the rabbit replied mysteriously. “Mr Wolfe is patrolling the outskirts of that forest . . .”

Little Red riding hood

Little Red Riding Hood was a vile, malicious, monster of a child. She fed on the pain and sorrow of others.  This time, she was planning to do something no one else would think a child was capable of. A ghastly deed that would chill one to the bone. She was planning a murder. Under the blood red hood of her cloak, her pink full lips pulled up in to a smile. Her fangs glinted in the moonlight as she made her way to her grandmother’s house. She licked her lips, thinking of the blood that would soon be spilled...


Lee Si Yuan's Introduction

“Mum, can I go and watch the World Cup with grandma tonight? It’s the finals between Spain and Netherlands !”
“Sure Little Red Riding Hood, and let me pack some food for you and please help me sent my regards to her.”
Mum then went to pack some food and drinks for us.
“Bye mum!”
I then started my journey to Grandma’s house. The journey felt very exciting as this was my first time going to grandma’s house on my own. I was strolling happily on my own and I was still in my own ‘wonderland’ when suddenly ...

Done by: Lee Si Yuan

YuChong's Introduction

The forest was quiet, with the only life in the forest being the trees and the plants. Sadly, I being a wolf, could not eat these plants. “Rumble…..” My stomach growled. I had not eaten for days and was longing for an easy target. It seems that the animals around the forest had all disappeared these few days for some unknown reason. I treaded through the forest, hoping to find some unsuspecting creature for me to fill my stomach. Suddenly, I heard someone singing. It sounded like a little girl singing merrily as she skipped through the forest. I was delighted. Little girls are an easy target for me. Soon, I was stalking the girl, hoping that she could be my next meal.

Lee YuChong

Min Suk - Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood was a charming little girl if seen from the outside, but beneath her hood was a menacing little female werewolf. It was the full moon the next day and Little Red Riding Hood went to visit her grandmother, who was also a female werewolf. Little Red Riding Hood set out for the woods with her earpiece on her ears. She listened to her favourite song, “Wolf Gang” composed by Mozart. She swung her basket over her shoulder. In it were pies, but not ordinary pies. Those pies had trapped moonlight, so it was able to turn any person who ate the pie into a werewolf. She had been working on the pie for years, and at last her efforts were going to pay off.

Little Red Riding Hood -Cherin's introduction

“Ring…….” the telephone sounded. I answered the call. “Hello, Little Red Riding Hood will be coming over to your place today, bye!” Little Red Riding Hood’s mother spoke in haste.

Sighing with dread, I hanged up the phone. How I hated Little Red Riding Hood! She always never helped me out with my chores even though she promised!

Preston's Introduction

  The story of the Little Red Riding Hood is not as you think. Those liars simply changed the story, brainwashing everyone to think that I am the “bad guy” and the girl the innocent one. Well, I will tell you the ORIGINAL story of the Little Red Riding Hood, the TRUE story that would shock all of you who think that I am the “big bad wolf”. {to be continued}