Thursday, August 12, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (Class S1-09: 22 Johanan Teo)

This picture depicts a scene of the road. It is most probably taken in a third world country as the there are no high rise buildings and the place looks dirty and messy. Shophouses lines the roadside. There are many taxis moving at a snail like place along the narrow road. It is most probably peak hour as it is bustling with activity. 

There is a motorcyclist who is trying to over take the line of taxis by driving on the pavement. The motorcyclist is fortunate to be riding a motorcycle and is lucky to be able to skip the long queue of vehicles. 

The focus in the image is the indian man who is using every ounce of his strength to push the trishaw. The indian man is clad in a white singled with a towel slung on his shoulder. He is dragging the trishaw on his bare foot and he looks fanacially challenged. Sitting on the trishaw is two young man. They are most probably his customers. On the trishaw are two big rattan baskets that i believe belong to the two young man. 

In my opinion, the trishaw pusher is most probably working hard so that he can support his family and make ends meet. The message is that such a caring father will do almost anything to support his family and he will work hard. 

If I were the photographer, I would have zoomed it more on the man and focusing on how hard he is working.

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  1. The pronunciation, articulation, rhythm, fluency and expressiveness are all very good. Though I do find the speed of reading a bit slow.