Sunday, August 1, 2010

Descriptive Setting 4

On the summit of a lofty, volcano-brown barren mountain stood a plain,tall white castle with blue spires. The skies above were an unusual blue mixed poorly with yellow. Dark pink rode across, giving the illusion of diverting from the castle. Winding down from it was a long narrow path that threatened to crumble anytime. A bridge had once connected the castle to the other side of an immense chasm but some unknown disaster had destroyed it. It did not matter whether it was initiated or came from natural occurrences. What was important what that it was presently separated from the rest of the world. The remote location of the castle seemed to already indicate this. Until the bridge is rebuilt- which may take a decade-none could reach the fortress by ordinary means. All longed to be able to enter the mysterious small door again but without any idea how to cross.

Tim Yap

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