Sunday, August 1, 2010

Preston's Setting Picture 1&2

Tom was a prince. He lived in a majestic castle on a hilltop made of solid concrete and bricks. There were ten tall levels in the castle and the tallest tip of the castle was higher than any other building in the vicinity. You could get lost in a gigantic castle like this. The sweet aroma of Jasmine flowers filled the air and birds chirped and sing in the trees surrounding the castle, giving Tom and those who lived in the castle a perfect surrounding for relaxation and enjoyment. The food grown and cooked in the castle were delicious and were always checked that the food were of top-grade. The walls and floors of the castle were insulated from the cold winters and seasons, keeping the castle warm on the inside. The castle was surrounded by a stream of river, full of live fish and water plants. Sometimes Tom fishes in the river to catch some fish for dinner! The castle was full of happiness and life. Those were the good times…
  But, hundreds of years later, after the wars that happened in the country, the castle was no longer a strong and majestic castle that the people of the country used to praise. It was now on a hilltop, with barren lands and soil surrounding the castle. The castle was like an island, surround by ‘water’ with no where else to go. There was only one way in and out of the horrible place, and that was by a narrow and unstable path that led to the other nations. The castle was musty, deserted, and was very rocky. The towers were able to withstand the power of the wars that happened, but not the land surrounding it. The castle could easily topple and fall off the edge of the soft, eroded soil, causing a land slide that could wipe out an entire city. The castle was unbearable and was impossible to live in. Tom died during the wars, and he left behind a sword in the high towers of the castle, that was said that it would bring peace and harmony to the country. And someone, far into the reaches of the world, wanted to have it...


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