Monday, August 2, 2010

Picture B, See To Yu Xiang

The last few rays of the setting, golden sun was shining from the back of the grand, majestic and beautiful castle perched high on the hilltop. Magenta clouds were sailing high in the turquoise blue sky, following the sun’s trail whereever he goes. Leading to the castle gates, was a long, narrow, winding and dusty path. And the castle itself, such a beautiful castle, with its dark blue castle tops silhoutted against the evening sky, makes it such a pretty sight. With its white painted walls. “Who would live in such a castle?” I thought. It was almost as if it had appeared magically out of no where while I was travelling. A few humongous black eagles soared pass me, heading for the castle, and giving out loud and grand cries. I also noticed that it was very quiet and peaceful, with no other human beings sighted. There were also no guards, sentrys or soldiers standing to guard the castle. “How weird,” I thought as I made my way to the castle to explore further...

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