Sunday, August 1, 2010

Castle 1 and 2

Castle 1: The 'Disney' castle

Princess pinky was on a golden carriage travelling to her new castle which her parents had bought. As the horses were trotting along near the castle, she was shocked upon seeing the new castle. It was almost picture perfect like what she saw in her storybooks. The castle was decorated majestically in cream and blue with gold trimmings, it was situated next to a river and a forest. She heard the sound of birds chirping, the sweet taste of the fragrance of flowers in the air. The turquoise sky matched the white fluffy clouds in the background. She nearly had to pinch herself to prove that what she saw was real. As she stepped out of her carriage at the gate of the castle, she touched the wall. It was as smooth as a stone by the river at her old castle. “I can’t wait to get in to this new castle!”, she exclaimed in delight. She ran into the castle, excited to see what was waiting in store for her……

Castle 2: The castle on a hill

The sun was rising above the once majestic castle, now in ruins. Princess Samantha was depressed, the clouds around the castle did not help her lift her sprits. The war with the neighbouring country was now over, her country won but the whole city was in ruins. Even after hiring painters to repaint the walls of the castle, the castle still smelt musky. The beautiful hill was now destroyed and jagged rocks remained. Even the bridge to the castle was broken. There was now a dark aura around the castle, even the air was filled with bitter cries of sorrow of lost soldiers. All hope seemed gone. She was at loss of what to do at all now. She needed help to save her country out of the ruins, but who can she turn to? In another country, a king was willing to help, he had heard her plight and was willing to help. One story has ended, a new one begins….

Cherin Tan

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