Thursday, August 12, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-09: 06 Cherin Tan Xiao Fang)

Picture 2(b)

This is a scene somewhere in the mid-morning where scraps of fabric and clothing are hung on the grilles while rags piled up on on the sides of a street. A woman and her child are sleeping on a mat and cloth blanket. The woman’s feet is dirty with dust from the road while her child’s feet are clean. There is also a pair of shoes at the edge of the mat which I believe its the child’s.

They are the focuses of the picture as they are the only people in this scene other than the scraps of cloth, rags and clothing.

I personally think they were forced to live on the streets and collect scraps of fabric for a living, hence the rags on the floor around them. The photographer is trying to convey that many poor people are living on the streets and are doing all they can to bring their children up. They also make sacrifices just for their child, unlike us, where we could have what we wanted and our parents need not make as much sacrifices.

What I dislike about the picture is that there are too many clashes of items appearing, making it hard to find the focus. If I were the photographer, I would zoom in closer to the woman and her child.

Cherin Tan

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