Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beautiful castle - Benjamin Fheng

“I remember this old castle’s history, passed down from generations.” An old man which was my tour guide said. I was told that there was a mystery in this castle and I as a photographer and detective, have to complete that mystery. The old man continued on the history, ”four hundred years ago, there lived the last king of this castle. He had a brother which was my ancestor and they were very close. They always had horse riding sessions or sword practise together. One day they went to invade the opposing country, greenland where the vikings lived as they heard there was a rumour that they had a treasure trove of jewels that could last for ten lifetimes.” I penned down some notes as he continued his story, hoping that I would find some clues. “Legend has it that they won and had the whole trove of treasure hidden in this very castle. One day the brothers fought for the treasure and led to both their deaths. The treasure could never found again as only those two knew where it was.” Once the story had ended, I thanked the old man and set off to solve the mystery. The mystery that couldn’t be solved for four hundred years.

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