Sunday, August 1, 2010

Castle Image 1

Humongous dark clouds was looming overhead the majestic castle menacingly. The pinnacles of the castle top looks as if they were piercing the sky,  with their stark contrast of azure blue against the dull grey of the clouds. All the windows in the castle were closed. The castle gates were also drawn. There were no lookouts or guards spotted anywhere on the castle. Flags were flying wildly in the harsh wind. 
There was a dead silence in the well-kept castle gardens, where princesses and princes used to play to their heart’s content, with magistrates and officials having tea. Green trees that used to be a lush green suddenly look dark, dull and still. The moat, which used to be alive with fishes and ripples, had now settled. Even the birds, which used to chirp merrily everyday, without fail above the treetops, had stopped chirping. Anybody could tell that something back was about to happen. 

See To Yu Xiang

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