Sunday, August 1, 2010

Descriptive Setting 3

Descriptive Setting 3

In a grey, dark cloudy sky stood a tall castle. The spires were a dark blue and and as dull as the gloomy sky they touched. The walls were coloured a brighter shade of gray but were still expressing sadness. The stone foundations of the castle yet another shade of the bitter grey. Flags blew in the wind in monotonous blue and white. But at the top was a large golden spire signifying the tiny remnant of hope left. The towers seemed to attempt to clear the unhappiness with a white colour, but only partially succeeded. Contrasting the overwhelming grey was a forest boasting green and even that was dark. The broad river reflected the whole solemn scene in calm, still water. On the other bank was a green lawn with only a single tree standing. The musty air surrounding the castle smelled dreadful too. It was very quiet there too with no sign of people.

Tim Yap

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