Thursday, August 12, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-09: 7 Ang Wei Di, Victor)

The image focuses on the person pulling the rickshaw, the people on the rickshaw and the motorist on the motorcycle. The setting show a scene in the morning after a rain as the floor is wet. There are quite a number of indians there and the shops along the street in the middle are all lined up neatly.There is an indian man wearing a white sleeveless shirt and a kilt with a long piece of cloth tugged over his shoulder. He is pulling a rickshaw with two passengers on board, with one of the wheels on the pavement and the other on the road. The person pulling the rickshaw seems hard working as he is sweating while leaning forward and pressing his leg on the floor to pull the rickshaw. The passenger seem quite calm and comfortable. They are apparently going against the traffic direction and obstructing the way of a motorist riding a motorcycle. I think the photo grapher is trying to convey the hard life of some people. I do not really like the background of the image. I would take a similar photo like this, but outside of the bustling town.

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