Sunday, August 1, 2010

Image of a castle set on a hill top - Michelle Dapito

The enormous castle stood high and mighty on a rocky hill. A secluded place full of mystery and history. The road to the castle looked old and unstable, partly chipped off, making it look like it was not accessible. Fiery clouds floated wildly on the yellow and blue sky. Walls cracked and painted white, roofs dark blue. The cold, strong wind blew, causing the flags to sway from side to side on the roofs, sweeping the dust out of the roof. The disgusting stench of the castle was blown towards me and I let out a loud sneeze. The castle stood alone, being separated from the outer world. As I touched the castle, memories of my childhood fifty years ago returned my mind. Fun and memorable events that I remembered made my eyes water. I knew could not return to that wonderful life again. Or maybe I could ...

-Michelle Dapito

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