Sunday, August 1, 2010

Description for Castle

Picture A
The violet yet modern castle stood high and proud as the brick walls that were coloured in shades of grey, light purple and dark brown surrounded the majestic castle. Majority of the castle was built using grey bricks that depict the strength and courage of the castle, while the taller towers of the castle were painted using a bright white paint that reflected the proudness of the castle. Surrounding this magnificent beast are hoards of green grass that were evenly cut on one side and trees that made the whole place look more like a jungle on the other. In between them is a moat in which the greenish water is very calm. The dark cloudy skies surrounds the top of the castle as if it was about to attack the castle. Everything about it makes me feel like I was in the ninety hundreds.
Picture B
The enormous Castle stood majestically on the top of that red rocky steep hill. It has 5 big towers and one big wooden door at the foot of one of the castle. All that surrounds the castle are just miles and miles of reddish dust. Even the clouds that float effortlessly in the skies are virtually the same colour as the ground. It is as if the skies and grounds are one. Over the huge and grassless ground, they lay one piece of dirt road that links from the broken and shattered stone bridge all the way up the huge gradient slope, to the eye catching Castle. The whole looks of the castle reminds me of the eighteen-hundreds when people were still ruled by kings and every now and then they will be a war that will break out. It is truly a magnificent sight to behold.

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