Sunday, August 1, 2010

Narrative Description Settings for Castles

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The mountains rose wide and tall, towering over the valley. Their shadows stretched over the land, preventing the Sun's powerful rays from penetrating its dark, shadowy mood. The land was stripped of all life and vegetation. The only seemingly thriving object was a lively looking castle. The majestic infrastructure, strangely, was the only thing that could touch the Sun's rays.  No outsider had ever been to the castle. It was unknown whether it housed any living form. For years, it stood there, peaceful to the outside world, but nobody knows what goes on within. There was only one route to the castle, a treacherous path through a worn down concrete bridge and through a winding road. However, the castle had been cut off from the outside world. There was no trade, no visitors, no treaties, no friendships nor bonds of any kind. The bridge that was to carry travelers across the dark ravine had collapsed. No one could fix it. Thus, the lone castle stood there for the rest of its days, without purpose to the world beyond its borders.

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The journey that brought me to my current position had been tiresome and treacherous. Along the way I might have been mugged, I might have starved to death. But now, I found that it was all worth it. I had not slept in days, my eyes were red and felt like boulders were pulling my eyelids. But the sight that was laid before me was truly a sight for sore eyes. The majestic castle stood tall and mighty, built by a river bank, linked to the other side by a cobblestoned bridge, the bridge that I am to cross. My lazy eyes now opened wide, stared at its majestic infrastructure. With white stone walls that were complimented with a blue brick pointed towers. The towers were built with a astonishing gold finish at its tip. A simple squire like me was truly blessed to be able to take in such a marvelous scene.

by Hardy Shein Nyein Chan

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