Sunday, August 1, 2010

Castles settings-Jun Hong

Castle 1
This castle is like a paradise. Lush green tress and surround this huge white castle and is separated by a tall brick wall that serves it purpose, protecting it against invaders. A glistening lake served under the castle. The lake, with its cool, clear water, enabling nature to flourish. The castle’s enormous gate could fit an elephant through. It is just a perfect walkway just for a king. I went in. I was greeted by loud noises, vendor owners selling their products. Many towers and battlements keep enemies from invading. It is a good place to raise a family, since no one could attack when this castle has such great defence.The main towers high enough to touch the sky were gold-tipped. But the palace does not seemed to be good design. Little towers jutting out of the castle looks as if it was going to fall on them. This place is just too peaceful.

Castle 2
An abyss, separating the castle on the hill from the outside world, was only connected by a stone bridge that was broken due to separate us from this creepy and mysterious castle and its strange beings. The landscape was totally barren apart from a few rocks and a winding river beside it that was pouring its water into the endless abyss. The ground was as red as the sunset covered by this sinister castle. A narrow pathway, the only way to the castle, was surrounded by sharp rocks protruding out of the hill. The castle may be dilapidated and is worn out by wind and rain. A small door that was the only way into the castle was locked, to prevent the castle’s inhabiters from escaping. Five towers makes this castle. Up there, it is cold. Perhaps too cold for anyone to live. Inside was a living nightmare never known to be experienced by anyone and survived.

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