Sunday, August 1, 2010

Castle A and Castle B

Castle A:

I looked at the high towers of the castle. The flags, waving high up in the air above the towers. Blue on every tower top. except the tallest one. The white of the walls and pillars, reflecting the bright Sun, making the castle seemed like it was glowing. Clouds drifted effortlessly across the spacious sky, complimenting the beauty of the castle. It was a gigantic and grand castle. It was, after all, the Walt Disney castle. We were on a family vacation.

We entered the castle, through the big entrance door. The interior of the castle was beautifully decorated with many details. All soft of weird, curious things filled the many shelves of the castle walls. We walked on and on into the castle without a clue of what was going to happen.

Castle B:

I stared in unbelief. In front of me was the huge castle that looked oh too familiar. I looked at it in awe. It was just an amazing sight. I walked towards the castle, walking faster and faster. Soon, I was running, all my fatigue and tiredness had suddenly disappeared. I was finally home! I ran and ran and suddenly stopped. “That was close!” I said to myself. If could have dropped to my death. In front of me was a bridge, the only thing that separates me from my beloved home. But i couldn’t cross it. A giant gaping hole was in the very middle of the bridge. Then, I heard an explosion. I looked towards the source of the sound and saw smoke coming out from the castle. What happened when I was away?


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