Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little red ridding hood (Intro)

“Skippity-skippity-skip…” a little girl who wore a red hood nicknamed “Little Red Riding Hood” hopped her way through the forest with a basket full of foods such as delicious cheesecakes and mouth-watering banana pudding for her sick,sick grandmother. On her way she met a wolf, a huge one. At first, she was terrified. For some reason, the wolf managed to carry on a conversation that was a little something like this: "How do you do Mr. Wolf?" She said. "I’m doing just fine. Where are you going today?" the wolf asked curiously. "I’m going to visit my grandmother as she is very sick.” replied the little red riding hood. However, she knew what the wolf’s motive was and immediately fished for her iPhone and rang her grandmother to inform her. “Now, it will be wolf stew…” thought the little red riding hood.
~Jia Le

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