Sunday, July 18, 2010

Description Setting- Jun Hong

1.Orange clouds floated through the sky. The yellow sun slowly melted down the lake’s horizon. A vast lake in front of us surrounded by beautiful mountains. An ancient willow is where we sat by the lakeside. Birds and crickets chirping. All sorts of animals doing their business. This may seem like a great day for us together but it may be our last. Things are not what they seemed. Countries are at war. Scotland was about to be invaded by the Chinese, next morning. We are evacuating from the countryside to the city.

2.We are at the Amazon Forest, going on an excursion to discover it, or what it is left of it. You may think that it is easy hiking through that forest. It's not. We have many matters of things obstructing us. The worst was the Fallen Tree. It was so large that we can't go around or over it. We have to use the chainsaw to saw through it. Branches blocking our way, roots tripping us every ten steps. The canopy of the forest was so high that you can hardly see the leaves at the top of the canopy. Bugs biting, leeches sucking our blood. It was unbearable.

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