Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gwendolyn's intro

In this cottage, in this forest, lived this little girl. She always wears a red cloak with a hood that her grandmother, who lived deeper in the forest, made for her. Because of this, people started calling her Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red for short. Now, Little Red’s mother handed her a basket and told her, “Bring this to your grandmother. She has fallen ill so this might help her recover. And remember, don’t stray from the path and don’t talk to strangers.” Little Red took the basket with an enthusiastic ‘Ok’.

She walked along the well-worn path through the forest, humming happily to herself. Little does she know that she was being watched. From behind a tree, a hungry wolf looked on.

“If I could catch her, my empty stomach will be filled for at least a week.” He slowly followed her. Little Red walked happily, totally unaware of the wolf. She came across a river and thought, “Well, I feeling thirsty. A short drink wouldn’t hurt.” She sat the basket down, squat down, cupped her hands and began to drink. Behind her, the wolf took this opportunity and pounced...

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