Sunday, July 18, 2010

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“Ahhh! The beautiful sunset.” The sky glowed with a hue of amber, casting a fiery glow on orange on the vast ocean. As the sun set behind the mountains, the skeleton like tree cast a wicked shadow on where I was lying on, knowing that it would soon be no more. I enjoyed every moment of the sunset. What a breathtaking scene it was. 

The sky was covered with a thick colour of green and brown. The sun shone brightly on the forest floor. There were fallen branches and leaves all around the forest floor, the biggest of them all was the trunk, fallen due to the heavy rain over the past few days. The poor roots must have had not enough soil to cling us as the soil was slowly being washed away. There were already many other species growing on it such as the fungi. It seemed like a ghastly sight.

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